I'm Khalea

Nice to Meet You

In 2012, I entered into a relationship that I knew I should not have been in, that I ended up in for 3 years too long! If I can be honest it was more like a situationship than a relationship. (I think we all know how that goes) I knew I needed to get out of it, but it was extremely hard because I had developed a soul tie even though I was still saving myself for marriage.

I ended up getting serious about getting out of the relationship and I cried out to the Lord to help heal me and make me whole again. This is when the Lord started taking me through a very important process. 

"There are generations attached to your future marriage"

The Lord showed me in my bedroom one night that my future husband and I would break generational curses off of our family and be true game changers and build a positive godly legacy within our family! The things that He showed me literally BLEW my mind (this was all before a man was even in my life).

I knew that I was called to be a wife and have a family, but I didn’t know how or when it was going to happen. During this time before my husband and I got together, I had plenty of counterfeit men tell me that “God told me” I was supposed to be their wife. I knew none of them were truly from the Lord and I made up in my mind that I was going to wait on who He had for me and I trusted that the Lord would show me who that was.

Which brings me to why I do what I do...

My husband came into the picture shortly after, but if I would have settled and didn't position myself to be found... I wouldn't have attracted my amazing husband. Now I help other high-achieving single Christian women to position themselves to be found and attract the man of their dreams.

My husband and I have been married for over four years now, have two boys, and run multiple businesses together.  So many women are told to simply "wait on God" and pray for a good man to come without being shown how to date successfully for marriage. This is why I am so passionate about helping other women attract a godly man that they can have a marriage that make hell nervous with.

love Khalea xo

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