"Land Your Man™" Program

Ready to date confidently and be on the path to marriage within 12 months or less without the heartbreak, compromising your values, and wasting time? 
In this program Khalea will show you how to attract the man of your dreams and have a marriage that makes hell nervous! 🔥

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Feminine Communication Mastery

Do you sometimes just wish that someone could just tell you HOW to talk to a man in a way that makes you captivating to him and inspires him to pursue you?
Learn exactly how to call out the King in a man and have conversational magic happen in this course!

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Dating With Purpose Virtual Retreat

Discover The Secrets To Be Able To Properly Position Yourself To Be Found By The Man God Has For You! 

Khalea will break down how she was able to get engaged to the man of her dreams within only 6 months, and how you can attract the man God has for you quicker during this Virtual Retreat!

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